Quadro: Reviews & Editorials

NVIDIA's Quadro chip is available exclusively via the ELSA GLoria II line of boards. Read what the press and workstation enthusiasts have to say about this exciting product!

 AnandTech -- ELSA GLoria II Quadro SDR
"In the world of desktop systems and workstations, the best is usually the newest and the GLoria II Quadro SDR seems to live up to that standard. It is an excellent graphics card for professional applications and its competitors will have to work very hard to match or exceed its performance."

 Hot Hardware -- The ELSA Gloria II Quadro SDR
"The Quadro is an amazing breath of fresh air to the professional video card circuit. To see a card appear from the gaming market that clearly has shaken the big "professional card vendors" can only be better for the industry. Elsa's Gloria II is an outstanding card for MCAD applications and delivers the greatest performance for the dollar. The Elsa Gloria II Quadro is a dynamite addition to the professional video card market."