GeForce2 Pro: Testimonials


"Per-pixel shading that uses cube environment mapping normalized dot product bump maps looks incredibly good across an entire world. Everyone at id is way psyched about developing new content with the GeForce2 GTS."
John Carmack, president, id Software

"AMD is excited that NVIDIA is bringing cutting-edge features to desktop graphics and AMD processor platforms, such as their new NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer in the GeForce2 GTS. We are working closely with NVIDIA to help ensure that platforms based on AMD processors maintain and advance our performance leadership. We believe end users implementing NVIDIA's GeForce2 GTS are fully optimized to harness the raw power of an AMD Athlon processor will be thrilled with the tremendous level of performance delivered to their desktops."
Richard Heye, vice president and general manager, AMD Athlon Product Division

"GeForce2 GTS's support for the DirectX 7 API will give developers the capability to incorporate transform, lighting and per-pixel shading, and deliver a new era of real-time, cinematic 3D effects in Windows-based gaming."
Jason White, lead technical evangelist, DirectX, Microsoft Corporation

"For us, obviously, feature-wise, GeForce2 GTS has everything that you could ask for. The most important thing to Shiny Entertainment is polygons. It is all we care about—how much detail we can get onscreen. To make a character look real, we need to put a lot of polygons into the skin so we can make the skin look like it is deforming as muscles bulge under it. In video games today, everyone is a mannequin with rotating joints. In the future—as in real life—when you move your hands or make a fist, it stretches the muscles. That is something that we have invested in and we know it can work, so we have been waiting for the hardware to let it be seen onscreen."
David Perry, president, Shiny Entertainment

"NVIDIA is once again clearly showing that they dominate the consumer 3D graphics processor market. Our technology decisions are largely driven by the innovation, support and stability NVIDIA brings to the market, and the GeForce2 GTS is a classic example of yet another NVIDIA product that dominates its niche. NVIDIA provides great drivers, broad feature sets, high performance, exemplary developer support, and a reliable schedule of product releases. All these aspects combine to make NVIDIA one of our strongest and most reliable technology partners."
Brian Hook, senior technology architect, Verant Interactive

"NVIDIA continues to deliver the limits of graphics technology and gives developers the tools to master them."
Chris Kastensmidt, business director, Jack in the Box Computing

"The sheer power of NVIDIA's next-generation GPU gives us greater freedom when designing characters and worlds. The technology not only allows us to incorporate unbelievably detailed visuals, but it also offers the ability to add more robust artificial intelligence, level design, and more. In short, it's the next giant step in real-time interactive content."
Drew Markham, president, Grey Matter Interactive

"For years we've been making games that push the limits of 3D graphics technology, and we're excited to see upcoming desktop graphics deliver the power and feature set needed to take our applications to the next level."
Jay Littman, producer, iEntertainment Network

"Since Ultima Online 2 is a massively multiplayer game, we can't scale the graphics by adding or subtracting objects in the scene—everybody has to see the same things. However, we can still reward players with advanced graphics cards like the GeForce2 GTS by using real-time shading to make what they see look even better. For example, on GeForce2 GTS wood looks like wood instead of Formica, metals look like metals instead of plastic, and cloth looks like cloth instead of paper. We're excited to be working with NVIDIA to bring this level of realism to our fans."
Andy Mitchell, client lead, Origin Systems

"We're very excited to be supporting NVIDIA's range of graphics processors with this new addition we'll be able to switch on all the bells, whistles, big textures and lots more polygons. This graphics processor sets new industry standards—Kabuto-sized steps for sure!"
Scott Guest, principal software engineer, Planet Moon Studios