Will the GeForce2 Go offer multiple display capabilities?

Created: November 13, 2000
Will the GeForce2 Go offer multiple display capabilities?

Yes. TwinView is NVIDIA's innovative dual display architecture. Through TwinView, GeForce2 Go supports the widest range of dual display configurations on the planet. You can pair the notebook's LCD display with any TV, desktop CRT, or digital flat panel. TwinView provides both a clone mode to display the same desktop content on both displays attached, which is ideal for presentations and also a "spanning" mode to allow the windows desktop to span over both displays to provide double the usual windows desktop real estate. GeForce2 Go with TwinView also has the unrivalled flexibility to drive an external monitor and TV when the LCD lid is closed.
The user interface for controlling display output is intuitive and easy to use.
NVIDIA's TwinView dual display implementation is also capable of displaying DVD and other video streams on both displays without limitations imposed by most other mobile graphics controllers.