What can end users expect of the GeForce2 MX?

Created: June 28, 2000
What can end users expect of the GeForce2 MX?

End users will experience stunning 3D graphics, along with high performance, and high-quality HDTV playback. The GeForce2 MX is the first GPU for the mainstream user and leverages the performance of GeForce2 GTS, but is priced for the home and corporate user. In addition to benefiting from the highest performance graphics processor, corporate users revel in the crisp, bright, clean visuals NVIDIA's innovative Digital Vibrance Control™ provides, as well as the flexibility of having the broadest range of display options via GeForce2 MX's TwinView™ architecture. Consumers will find all the NVIDIA features they love including blazing fast 3D, transform and lighting, and HDTV processing.