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FreeBSD Display Driver – x64

Version: 470.199.02
Date de réalisation: 2023.6.26
Système d’exploitation: FreeBSD x64
Langue: Français
Taille: 94.24 MB

Nouveautés de la version
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Infos supplementaires
  • Fixed a bug that could cause fullscreen PRIME Render Offload applications and/or X to crash when an NVIDIA GPU is driving multiple displays with Reverse PRIME.
  • Added support for console restoration when using simpledrm.
  • Disabled Fixed Rate Link (FRL) when using passive DisplayPort to HDMI dongles, which are incompatible with FRL.
  • Updated nvidia-modprobe to create symbolic links in /dev/char when creating the /dev/nvidia* device nodes. This resolves an issue that prevented the device nodes from working with newer versions of runc:https://github.com/opencontainers/runc/issues/