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Linux Display Driver - x86

Version: 375.39
Date de réalisation: 2017.2.14
Système d’exploitation: Linux 32-bit
Langue: Français
Taille: 42.38 MB

Nouveautés de la version
Produits supportés
Infos supplementaires
  • Added support for the following GPU(s):
      Quadro GP100
      Quadro P4000
      Quadro P2000
      Quadro P1000
      Quadro P600
      Quadro P400
      Quadro M1200
      Quadro M2200
  • Fixed a bug that caused system hangs when resuming from suspend with some GPUs.
  • Fixed a regression that could cause corruption when hot-plugging displays.
  • Fixed a regression that prevented systems with multiple DisplayPort monitors from resuming correctly from suspend.